Entertaining possibilities

In Csíkszereda you can have fun in more way. You can go with your friends to drink something in a bar or cafe so I recomend you the Mediterran Cafe, Carleone Cafe and The Palermo. If you are hungry you need to try The Hokey Club, The Renegade Pub&Pizza, San Genaro Restaurant and The Bandidos Restaurant. If you want to have party time than your place is The Extasy Club, The Mojo Cafe and The Ami Club. The best is that you don’t need to go far away because you can find everything in the center of the city.


Pünkösd saint’s-day

somlyo02This is one of the bigest feast in the year. It’s a religious feast. People are coming here from all around the world to hear the saint mass to pray and to see some saint memorial and a beautifull church. People can buy saint relic and can drinc water from the saint spring-water. Friends,relatives are meeting here, people who see each other just one day, but the reason why these people are here is the same. The effect of the landscape is supernatural, people can find thear spiritual peace.

The famoust high school in the city

1 The reason why I wrote about this school is because the people who I know,my friends said that this is the best in the city. The Áron Márton Grammar School was originally opened in Csíksomlyó , as part of the Franciscan monastery there, in 1668. The students of the monastery grammar school not only received a high level of education, but were also encouraged to get involved in extra-curricular activities, such as forming amateur play groups. They have developed their amateur performing art skills to a considerable level, since they have put on 48 school plays (47 in Hungarian, 1 in Latin language), which were showing according to regular yearly calendars, known as the Csíksomlyói misztériumok . Székely Áron Gábor, the castor of the famous cannon of brass of 1848 was among its students.

The building of the Franciscan monastery of Csíksomlyó was growing small for the reputable grammar school, so they built a 365-room building in Csíkszereda in secessionist style in 1909, and the school moved here in 1911. The Áron Márton Grammar School, which is proud of its traditions, celebrated its 300th anniversary in 1968.

Sport activities

In Csikszereda you can find some sport activity like football, tennis, ice skating,but the most important sport in the city is the ice hokey. The ice hokey is a kind of national sport for the people in Csikszereda. We can find talented teams in the city. I need to mention the Sport Club team which achieved big things in the hokey history.

A historical building

mikovar42 This is the building what I prefer the most so I hope this little prezentation will help you to knew it better. The Castle of Mikó stands in the southern part of Csíkszereda and is the most well-known landmark of the town. The original castle, which had been on this spot, was built by Hungarian king Saint Ladislaus I (1077-1095), the famed King of Knight, but it was later destroyed during subsequent wars. Using the old foundations, the present building was erected by Hungarian noble Ferenc Mikó, commander-in-chief of Csík-, Gyergyó- and Kászon-szék (administrative jurisdictions of the Székely-land), between 1611-1621.This castle was meant to be a fortified residential palace, rather than a military object, and it became a luxurious chateau.

During the 1661 Turkish raid on Csíkszereda, the castle was almost totally destroyed and the devastation became complete by the next Tartar attack in 1694. In 1714, the building was rebuilt by Habsburg general Steinwille who made the Castle of Mikó a military fortress.

The castle was hardly finished when one of the most deadly black pox epidemics hit town in 1717-1719, killing the majority of the people. Csíkszereda was recuperating when the Castle of Mikó, now serving as a jail, was used to hold and torture the Székely prisoners of the anti-Habsburg resistance, called the Madéfalvi veszedelem, in 1764.

Today, the Castle of Mikó, among others, hosts the Museum of the Székelys of Csík-szék.

A little history for you!

It took its name from the Slavic word szreda which the Székelys transformed to Szerda, then to Szereda, which refers to the geographical location of the town.

The town was founded by craftsmen during the reign of the Hungarian kings of the House of Árpád (1000-1301), and it quickly became a busy commercial center of the region holding fairs on every Wednesday. The first written document about the municipality of Csíkszereda is from 1558, when Hungarian queen Isabel relieves oppidum Zereda from paying tax to the Hungarian royal court.

The history of Csíkszereda has been plagued with devastating raids by the Tartars, Turks, and Habsburg troops, only to be interrupted by peace periods when local high-noble tyrants ruled the land with and iron fist.

In 1717-1719, a very serious black pox epidemic killed two-thirds of the population of the town. During the Hungarian Liberation Fight of 1848, patriotic newspapers, such as the Hadi Lap and the Csíki Gyutacs were printed in Csíkszereda. After World War I, the Treaty of Trianon, 1920, annexed Csíkszereda, along with entire Transylvania, from Hungary to Rumania (to whom these places had never belonged before).

Csíkszereda, with a population of 42000, today is an important industrial town and continues to be the cultural and ethnic center of the Hungarian Székelys in the Székely-land.

I reccomend this for you!

So, I reccomend this general introduction for every tourist from abroad or from the country who want’s to visit Csikszereda. I will try to introduce the city in every point of view and hope that it will be useful.Csikszereda is situated in the eastern part of Erdely. The city is on 655 and 730 m altitude.Beetven Brasso and Csikszereda you have just 100 km. Originaly it was formed from some little settlement. Csikszereda is in Romania, in Harghita county. It is the county resindence. Csikszereda’s population is 41 547. Mostly Hungarians but we can find Romanian’s, German’s, Italian’s and gipsys. In 2002 from the population 34 217 was Hungarian and 7234 romanian.

Csikszereda is one of the most coldest city in Romania. On winter the temperature can go lower than -30 °C so it is suitable for winter sports.

If you want to see a video here it is:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGxRhN6X2ns